CentrixMobile Ordering System

CentrixMobile Ordering System (CMOS) is a comprehensive mobile platform enabled to gather consumer and outlet data, geared to gain wider visibility of the entire operation. This features Dispatch Management, Route Plan Importation and Billing Collections. The system utilizes HERE maps that uses geocoding to map out sales offices and GPS to track sales team, all in real-time.

CMOS is likewise used for In1go solutions such as eTrial, iOrder, Mapping, Surveying, Merchandising, and Inventory.


Automated Ordering System

Create Sales Orders and Sales Invoices

Geocoding/Real-time Tracking

Integrated with Omnitracs’ Route
Planning and Scheduling

Integrated with HERE Maps

Generate/Print Daily Sales Reports

Import/Export Data (Outlets, Customers,
Products, Discounts)

Visibility of Inventory and Sales

Collection, Complimentary,
Non-productive Calls

Capture Electronic Signatures (POD)

NOC and CentrixMobile Connectivity

Aiding your team collaboration
through its integrated real-time capability

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