CentrixMobile Survey

CentrixMobile Survey is a comprehensive mobile survey platform widely used for Market Research. This automates surveying methods involving gathering for specific data and evaluating customer behavior and interest to formulate factual and accurate insights and effectively market the brand and the product. The system utilizes HERE maps that uses geocoding/GPS to track locations and representatives all in real-time.


Automated Surveying System

NOC and CMOS Connectivity

Integrated with Omnitracs’ Route
Planning and Scheduling

Integrated with HERE Maps

Dispatch System (Inactive, Sign-in,
Active, End Route, Cancelled)

Import Product Lists and Route Lists

Export Transactions and Signatures

Visibility of target/reach (Day, Month)

View reports (Registration Forms)

Capture Electronic Signatures (POD)

Automates survey methods, gathers specific data
and analyzes customer behavior and interest

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