Jointech JT700

JT700 is a type of GPS tracker device mainly designed for managing and tracking mobile assets container. The features of JT700 can be list as following: support door open alarm, tamper alarm, waterproof, low-power design, high-capacity battery, dual-way locating and so on. Moreover,the installation is very easy and convenient. Besides containers, JT700 is also suitable for remote monitoring, trailers, trucks, mobile asset management, other bulky cargo transportation and so on.


Real time tracking

District defence

Door open alert

Time zone different setting

Anti dismount design

Protection grade: IP67


Ultra low power consumption design

Jointech JT701

JT701 is an intelligent tracking lock device for asset management system. The main feature can be list as: Designed unlock not by key, but by RFID/remotely password; With big capacity battery, long working time; Built-in wireless module, real time online monitoring ; Built-in GPS module, global locating ; safety control, illegal unlock alarm and so on. The application can be container, trailer, Van type trucks and other types of trucks remote monitoring system.


Unique Design, Unlock with RFID/SMS

Big Capacity Battery, Long Working Time.

Built-in GSM Module, Remote Online

Built-in GPS Module, Real Time Global

Safety Monitoring, Alarms for illegal

The rapid growth in the containerized
market leads us to engaging technologies.

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