Software Developer

Job Description:

The Software Developer is responsible for Design, and Development, Delivery and management of technology-based business solutions. He/She must have extensive experience in coding, testing and implementing configuration changes and design of software applications to meet both functional and technical requirements in a timely manner.


  • Candidate must be College or University Graduate (BSCS BSIT).
  • At least one year experience developing applications using PHP, C# ASP .NET, VB.NET.
  • Strong MSSQL and MYSQL dbase experience.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in both oral and in written (including presentation).
  • Must have extensive working knowledge of:- Object Oriented Programming- Agile software development methodology- Web service- Javascript, ASP .NET, Jquery.
  • A Big plus on the following:-PHP framework-Yil Laravel, Codeigniter, etc.-SAP, ORACLE-Test, Crystal Report, Driven Development-Experience in leading a software development team.

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Software Developers

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