Manage all your clients and 3PLs in one system. Gain absolute visibility and control of the entire Logistics operations in real-time.

In this day and age of fast paced and diverse technologies, the need for a consolidated, single-view and point of management become more imminent.

As competition gets tighter and customer service become more demanding, organizations are now looking at business process improvements and operational efficiency to address these challenges.

1Go Logistics is the answer in today's growing demand for absolute operational visibility and control. Managers are equipped with a web-based portal that tracks all driver and shipment activities through a collaborative mobile deliver application. These systems have a route optimization capability that pre-plans and pre-schedules specific routes that maximizes trips thus enables your organization to save on cost and labor.

Traffic Tower A system that coordinates orders and deliveries across the entire distribution network, including a team of dispatchers, help desks and shipment-costing personnel who analyze, assess, coordinate and direct your deliveries straight to the outlets.

The entire concept is like having a control tower that oversees and manages the process and movement of all distribution elements using web-enabled technologies for fast and efficient deliveries.

Fleet & Vehicle Management Maintenance
Vehicle Web Tracking Hosting
GPS Provisioning


A single system to manage and maintain versus having multiple (tracking) platforms or applications.

Visibility of all your Supply Chain assets.

Higher productivity and process efficiency.

Cost savings and increased profit.

KPI: Manage. Measure. Report.

Logistics Integrated Tools

CMDIS is a mobile platform integrated into a Loadboard that locates all driver activities (Arrive Location, Enter Dock, Loading, Unloading, Exit Dock, Depart Location). This also has the capability to pre schedule

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Load Board

Loadboard is a collaborative web-hosted portal that offers real-time monitoring of fleet, shipment and yard, created for logistics outsourcees (LO) and third party truckers (3PL). Loads are matched between a LO and a 3PL provider

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GPS is a intelligent tracking lock device for asset management system. The main feature can be list as: Designed unlock not by key, but by RFID/remotely password; With big capacity battery, long working time; Built-in wireless module

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