Marketing Services

Automating multiple marketing activities that leverages on various elements of technology. Serves as a key in helping brands influence relevant communities and sustain longer lasting customer engagements.

The retail market has grown and evolved immensely since the last decade leading to diversity among target audiences. That said, a greater challenge is put forward in having to formulate various kinds of marketing strategies to reach out and engage consumers and further identifying what would apply to them.

In1go's Marketing Services is an end-to-end optimization catered to both retailers and consumers, utilizing various types of digital activations. This revolves around planning, formulating and executing multiple brand operations activities aimed to better reach relevant communities and increase awareness. This provides extensive research, analysis and insights as a key to longer lasting customer engagements.

Automating multiple marketing activities such as surveying, mapping, sampling, house-to-house, utilizing SMS, mobile and web-based applications aimed to capture market, consumer and outlet data.

Digital Activation

Automating multiple marketing activities such as surveying, mapping, sampling, house-to-house, utilizing SMS, mobile and web-based applications aimed to capture market, consumer and outlet data.

Trade Marketing Automation

Leveraging on various elements of technology such as web-based and mobile applications that captures stock/inventory and consumer data aimed to automate trade marketing activities such as trade check and merchandising audit.

Market Insights

Creating strategies and tactics based on an existing database or gathered data from various activities on Marketing Operations and Trade Marketing. This designs a development plan aiming to further market the brand, the company and its products more effectively.

Loyalty Management System

Automates multiple brand operations activities centered on loyalty programs, rewards, redemption and discounts focused on fulfilling brand recall and penetration.


An integration of Brand Operations Trial Chassis with Distribution Drive. It is a mobile loyalty program that offers discounts and promotions targeted to reach consumers by leveraging on sari-sari stores as brand ambassadors.




Improved Consumer and Retailer Engagement.

Agile operational execution.

Gain wider visibility of inventory, merchandising materials, consumers, and retailers.

Access all your data in real-time.

Marketing Services Integrated Tools

CentrixMobile Ordering System (CMOS) is a mobile platform used for Dispatch Management, Route Tracking, POI Data Mining and KPI Monitoring, enabling managers to gain wider visibility of the entire operation from planning to dispatch to execution.

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National Operation Center (NOC) is a web based application integrated with HERE maps, utilizing geocoding as trigger points for tracking field assets in real-time. This platform allows users to locate sales offices and your sales team.

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Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a web-based inventory system that tracks records, inventory level and item deliveries. Its special features include email notifications, withdrawal requisition, return requisition and online catalogs.

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CentrixMobile Survey
is a comprehensive mobile survey platform widely used for Market Research. This automates surveying methods involving gathering for specific data and evaluating customer behavior and interest to formulate factual and accurate insights and effectively.

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CentrixMobile Merchandise (CMM) is a mobile platform that gathers data on merchandising materials installations (Principal, Type, Condition, Sign Version) widely used in sales offices/outlets. The system utilizes HERE maps that uses geocoding to track sales outlets in real-time.

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CentrixMobile Inventory (CMI) is a mobile platform that gathers inventory data in specific stores/sales offices, integrated with HERE maps that uses geocoding to track sales outlets. This generates reports that are automatically synced to a web-based operational dashboard.

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