Sales and Distribution

Monitor your field assets in real- time. Eliminates complex operational challenges, geared to reduce unwanted costs and increase overall efficiency.

Monitoring your day to day orders and sales alongside managing your entire sales team and outlets can be quite a challenge. Acquiring technology within your sales processes not only improves overall efficiency but enables a reduction in cost as well.

1n1Go’s Sales and Distribution features a wide array of automations enabled to track your field worker's locations and historical tracks, view all your outlets and syncs all activities and automatically generates these into useful reports. This is a complete and comprehensive suite of web and mobile applications, featuring real-time tracking, sales man route pre-planning and pre-scheduling, billing and warehouse management systems.

Loyalty Management System

Automates multiple brand operations activities centered on loyalty programs, rewards, redemption and discounts focused on fulfilling brand recall and penetration.


Automates ordering processes and loyalty programs that are widely targeted to the retailers/dealers, incorporating multiple channels such as SMS, web and mobile applications.

Territory Planning

Strategically integrates sales coverage and demand planning with the order fulfillment process. This improves cost to serve and flow of goods in the supply chain.


Sales Territory Management Consultancy

Strategic Route Design

Sales Territory Planning Training

Supply Chain Management Training

SCM Risk Management


A single system to manage sales, representatives and outlets.

Increased operational visibility.

Higher productivity and process efficiency.

Cost savings and increased profit.

KPI: Manage. Measure. Report.

Sales and Distribution Integrated Tools

National Operation Center (NOC) is a web based application integrated with HERE maps, utilizing geocoding as trigger points for tracking field assets in real-time. This platform allows users to locate sales offices and your sales team, likewise it provides the capability to monitor your KPI, enabling to acquire broader visibility of field operations.

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CentrixMobile Ordering System (CMOS) is a mobile platform used for Dispatch Management, Route Tracking, POI Data Mining and KPI Monitoring, enabling managers to gain wider visibility of the entire operation from planning to dispatch to execution, aiding your team collaboration through its integrated real-time capability

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CentrixMobile Survey (CMS) is a comprehensive mobile survey platform widely used for Market Research. This automates surveying methods involving gathering for specific data and evaluating customer behavior and interest to formulate factual and accurate insights and effectively market the brand and the product.

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Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a web-based inventory system that tracks records, inventory level and item deliveries. Its special features include email notifications, withdrawal requisition, return requisition and online catalogs.

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Centrix GT is a desktop based application utilized in accessing inventory and creating sales orders & invoices, providing wider online visibility on stocking level and sales office/distributor's inventory. These activities are generated in a Warehouse Management System and NOC.

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