Warehouse and Inventory Management

Real-time visibility and seamless control of inventory.

In today's fast paced and evolving consumer demands, traditional inventory handling and manual processes exposes daily warehouse to various operational issues such as stock unavailability, slow movement of items, and ultimately customer dissatisfaction. Meeting these demands and improving overall efficiency will only be obtained by having the right tools and technology in place.

Acquiring an automated inventory system establishes efficient process workflow and speeds up daily operations.

Warehouse Management

In1Go’s Warehouse and Inventory Management provides a centralized web portal that oversees stock level and inventory movement in real-time. This is integrated with mobile and desktop applications that captures warehouse, distributor, sales office and outlet inventory. The system can likewise generate reports from these information.


Monitor stock availability thus meet customer demands.

Provides a strategic basis for inventory planning.

Gain wider visibility of all warehouses, sales offices and outlets.

Access all inventory data in real-time.

Seamless and streamlined operational execution.

Warehouse and Inventory Management Integrated Tools

Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a web-based inventory system that tracks records, inventory level and item deliveries. Its special features include email notifications, withdrawal requisition, return requisition and online catalogs.

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Centrix GT is a desktop based application utilized in accessing inventory and creating sales orders & invoices, providing wider online visibility on stocking level and sales office/distributor's inventory. These activities are generated in a Warehouse Management System and NOC.

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